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Assistant Store Manager (Dublin North Area)

Assistant Store Manager
€43,925 - €57,150

If you like the idea of running a €multi-million store and inspiring your team to be proud of everything you've achieved together, you're going to find this a hugely rewarding role.

One day could find you sorting out deliveries, placing orders and creating rotas for your team so that they know their working hours for the month ahead. The next, you might be focused on people management and training, handling customer queries or strategically planning for key trading events. And all the while you'll be working to achieve the over-riding goals of maximising sales in your store, ensuring great customer service, minimising costs and optimising operational efficiency. As someone who wants to make things happen, you'll find all this adds up to an exciting challenge.

For this position, you’ll need to be:

- An experienced people-manager

- Used to leading teams in a fast-paced, stakeholder/customer driven environment

- Skilled in time management, cost control and boosting operational efficiency

- Motivated to consistently achieve targets

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